Jefferson Bible

Jefferson Bible

After you follow the link to this very well done digital copy, check out the conservation project conducted on the bible in 2011.

No matter what you think of this religiously the Jefferson Bible is an interesting study in bookbinding and the history of one of America’s founding fathers.  Thomas Jefferson essentially “edited” passages from the first four books of the new testament, eliminating all the parts he didn’t agree with (miracles and the resurrection) and putting everything else back together in a single volume focused entirely on Jesus, the man, and his teachings on morality.  In the end it was only 84 pages long.  He did this for his own purposes and kept it to himself throughout his lifetime without any intention of publishing.  (Although now you can buy a facsimile copy.)

This is very much an artist’s book, painstakingly created long before X-Acto knives were a thing and put together with who knows what adhesive.  Be impressed people.

Two of the source bibles.



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One Response to Jefferson Bible

  1. Esther Kibby says:

    What an amazing book story. The concept of Jefferson creating a personal moral guide by distilling the overall Biblical message to 84 pages specific to his needs. I wonder how much his process of elimination was influenced by a scientific nature and/or Masonic influences?

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